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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jorah Hadley

This design has been on the needles awhile. Or, rather, for the past 4 months it's been sitting in my dorm room waiting for me to knit the last 15 rows of a sleeve and I finally got down to it last night.

This is called Jorah Hadley, it's a simple tee kind of top that, depending on the yarn choice, can be appropriate for most seasons. The contrasting color will highlight certain spots of the torso to make this top feminine, but overall it's a very simple top to knit.

That's a close up of the bustband detail.

And this is the ribbing done on the body -- not just your average 3 x 2 ribbing, however. Has a little more texture in it and a bit of color to break it up.

Pattern available on Ravelry. Click the link on the side panel.


Sonia said...

Super cute! Thanks for sharing the pattern.

Teena in Toronto said...

Good job!

Happy blogoversary!

Ivy and Haley said...

Gorgeous! You are quite talented!


Anonymous said...

The directions are incomplete; no size or stitch count.

Bhavna said...

Very pretty!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

-Bhavna (bmisra on Ravelry)

Susie said...

This may be the cutest tee knit I've ever seen.

Knatolee said...

SO cute. Love it!

bbopp said...

Aside from size and stitch count, is there anything else left out of this pattern? I is so cute, and I'd love to make it, but the opening is really confusing me. I think it is starting at the neck line, but it seems to be constructing a widening tube without arm holes. Is there something missing here?